By 2025, "we envision Lebak as a leading growth center of sustainable aquamarine, agri-industries and developed eco-tourism in the coastal towns of Sulatan Kudarat with safe and resilient community under a good governance."


Local Government of Lebak and the community of dignified people will work hand and hand to promote the general welfare of Lebakeñous, and achieve a self-reliant and self-managing community led by responsive leaders in serving its constituents with principle of a rightful way and keep its environment balanced and live in prosperity, unity, justice and peace.


The official seal of the Municipality of Lebak as shown above has been adopted by the Municipal Council and subsequently approved by the Mayor after it was declared as the winning entry in a contest held at the purpose of designing a new seal.

The outer circle of the seal envelopes the name of the municipality. MUNICIPALITY OF LEBAK, with the name of the province below it in a smaller font.

The central figure of the seal is a representation of the Municipal Kiosk, most prominent of the municipality’s landmark that stands at the very center of the town.

Behind the kiosk is a schematic of buildings representing the constant progress in commercial terms of the municipality.

On the background is a green mountain range that represents the natural resources of the municipality. It also reminds of the importance of preserving such resources. The mountain range also represents the home of the indigenous people residing in the municipality.

Behind the mountain range is a stylized sun with rays formed in the shape of a gear. The gear is the universal representation of industry and which symbolizes the aspiration of the municipality to industrialize.

The gear consists of 27 teeth representing the 27 barangays of Lebak. It also puts forwards the message that the barangays are the municipality’s inherent partners in its march towards eventual industrialization.

Behind the sun is a blue field representing the sky. The color describes the nobility of the people of the town.

Below the kiosk is a stylized boat the three human figures. The human figures are the diverse people inhabiting the town. The boat and the figures send the message that all its people are on the same boat whatever will happen to the town. Such thus represents unity and peace amidst the diversity towards the common goal.

The blue portion of the flag also represents the sea and its bounty for Lebak is a coastal town and many of its people depends on it for their livelihood.

Below is the flag of the Republic with its colors. Below the flag is a field of green representing agriculture that is still the main industry of Lebak and accounts for its local economy.

The year 1947 is written inside a ribbon indicating the year Lebak was recognized as a distinct municipal entity.