A Dulangan Manobo terminology derived from the word Ma'feon, meaning Beautiful. Also meant, the state of being beautiful and rich is a momentous occasion to come together, to celebrate and taste the beautiful harvest.

Kapeonan in the contemporary society in Lebak also means the celebration of the different festival of our barangays such as the Kinabayuhan Festival of Brgy. Villamonte, Dagyaw Festival of Basak and Kasapanan Festival of Keytodac, just to name few.


Through the brainchild of Hon. Ramon P. Vegas, the Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No. 23, S-2015 was duly approved and adopted. With that, the Tourism Services of the Municipality of Lebak was able to initiate series of workshops in search for the appropriate festival name.

The first step towards this conceptualization was the Cultural Mapping, The activity was conducted to create a purpose and a direction for the tourism plan. The result of the cultural Mapping; which was conducted last May 11-15, 2015, will be the baseline of this Municipality in creating the Festival, programs, and other activities that relates to tourism development. The results were the best tool for information and effective awareness program.

Identification of potential leaders, which was dubbed as the Cultural Awareness and Development Program has been conducted next. The objective of this activity was to identify talented individuals to manage/organize/direct/ an event, specifically a festival. This activity was represented by government initiative. Thus L.E.B.A.K. (Lupang Ehemplo; Bayang Aalagaan Ko) Productions was founded.

This presentation is a result of the 3rd workshop; the Strategic Planning on Conceptualization of the Lebak Festival - which was conducted last November 09-10, 2015 with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts being the resource person - to be presented to the Members of the Sangguniang Bayan of Lebak, Sultan Kudarat for confirmation and adaptation of the creation of an ordinance adopting/creating the festival name.