Business Permit Processing

Step 1: Filing Verification and Payment

- Capitalization or Gross Sales (Municipal Treasurer's Office)
- Barangay Clearance
- Sanitary Permit (Municipal Health Office)
- MENRO Clearance
- Valid Fire Safety Inspection Certificate ( Bureau of Fire Protection)
- Zoning Clearance ( Municipal Planning and Development Office)-New Applicant Only
- Occupancy Permit (For Buildings) - New Applicant Only

Step 2: Approval/Release of Business Permit

Franchise Renewal

STEP 1: Filing, Verification and Payment

- Barangay Clearance
- Unexpired OR & CR (LTO)
- Unexpired Driver's License
- 2 pcs. 1x1 ID Picture for Operator
- 1 pc. 1x1 ID Picture for Driver
- Police Clearance

STEP 2: Release of Franchise