Mapeon Lebak!The long wait is over! Our official candidates for Lin-ay sang Lebak 2017 is officially released. These gorgeous ladies embody our tagline Mapeon.

Let us all witness the pageant and coronation on August 17, 2017 at 7:00 PM to be held in our new Municipal Gymnasium. Let us also bid a wishful luck to our Mutya ng Lebak 2016/ Mutya ng Sultan Kudarat 2016 Miss Sharifa Aqeel for her future beauty stint and as she host this event.

Who will you root for as the new Queen for Lin-ay sang Lebak 2017 and will represent our municipality for Mutya ng Sultan Kudarat 2017? Hoping to get for the (GRAND SLAM)THIRD TIME, Lebak will reign as the new Mutya ng Sultan Kudarat 2017 and we are going to shout Mapeon(Beautiful) Lebak! #MakeItToMapeon #KapeonanCanBeMoreFun


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